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Where your property is located has a direct relationship to the amount of property tax you pay each year. Depending upon which local government entities provide service(s) to your property, and the various "layers" of local government, influences the total or aggregate mill levy amounts.

Property tax amounts are calculated by multiplying the total assessed (taxable) value times the total mill levy.

Park County has various tax area numbers that are used to identify how much taxable value is contained in each specific taxing entity, or special service district. Tax area numbers also help the Treasurer’s Office efficiently collect and disperse property tax amounts each month to the correct entity.

To help you understand how the "layers of local government" is constructed, please enter your tax area number in the box below. Click Submit to display a listing of the various local government entities that you are paying for.

All Real property located in Park County pays for basic services: Park County, School District, Upper South Platte and Center of Colorado Water Conservancy Districts. The Center of Colorado Water Conservancy District does NOT levy on Personal Property. Personal Property uses "500" tax area numbers, so that this district does not collect property taxes on Personal Property accounts.

Other areas of the County will pay for the special improvement districts, depending upon where they are located. If you are NOT in the boundaries of a special district, you won’t pay property taxes to that district. Only properties located within the boundaries of a district pay property taxes to that district. No local property tax monies are sent back to the State of Colorado. A history by tax roll year of the change in total mill levy amounts is included so you can see how they do differ from year to year. Hopefully, you will find this information useful.

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